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The island of Rab, which is also called "the green island" is located in the northern Adriatic Sea, between the island of Krk and Pag. When viewed from the coast of the mainland from, she is completely bald. This barren eastern side of the island is not inhabited and is due to the lack of vegetation of the former deforestation and erosion, which was favored by the strong Bora winds, raging from the east.

The other side however is very different, so that one is often surprised as a guest, which contrast brings the island in itself. The island has an area of 93.6 km2 and is 22 km long. Rab is mainly composed of karst formations, which form two ridges. In the north-east of the island of Rab is Kamenjak (highest peak, 408 m), southwest Kalifront (97 m). In the north-east of the island of Rab is known Lopar lagoon with its sandy beach.

Apart from the Bay of Lopar there on the island of Rab some major bays: Supetarska draga, draga Kamporska and St. Fumia. Rab winters are mild and summers are warm, so you can spend here each season a great holiday, even outside the bathing season, when subordinate the island and its inhabitants are not all the tourism.
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Rab has a pleasant Mediterranean climate, warm summer and mild winters. The island is exseptionally suitable for all tourists who enjoy swimming because its shoreline is a chain of little coves with sant or gravel beaches. Modern Robinson Carusoes can find special places to be alone with just the sea and pristine nature.

The ingabitants of this picturesque island have shunned industry because iz would defile the luxuriant natural beauty. Instead, they have comčletely committed themsesves to tourism. The rich undersea world has been preserved intact. Rab's mild winters attract many species of migrating birds

Visitors to Rab can stay in the numerous hotels and auto camps but the majority prefer private accommodations because the local people are very friendly, good hosts and make every effort to provide their guests with the pleasures of a warm home.

Most visitors come in the summer when life on the island abounds with sunlight and warmth. An increasing number of tourists are attracted to Rab during the nonsummer months, even in winter. When many European cities are buried under snow and ice, RAB IS BATHED IN SUNSHINE:


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